Pioneering the Future of Nature Assessments

Combining Biodiversity & Ecosystems Data with Climate Change Scenarios to Manage your Asset's Nature Footprint


Our Services

Biodiversity & Ecosystems Analysis

Get a clear view of the life surrounding your assets with our detailed biodiversity and ecosystem studies. We also offer ongoing monitoring. Our data helps you make sure you're meeting key standards like ESRS, TNFD and SBTN, making it easier to blend responsible ecological practices with your business goals.

Climate Change Assessment

"Nature-related physical risks are often associated with climate-related physical risks." - ESRS E4

Therefore, we also help you understand how climate change could affect your assets now and in the future.

Nature Risk Management

Identify and manage risks from nature that could impact your finances. Our asset-level analysis digs deep into potential financial effects, helping you create strategies that benefit both the environment and your bottom line.


About Us

refinq is the convergence of expertise and purpose. Founded by Franziska, Lukas and Markus, we distill complex biodiversity & ecosystems data into clear, actionable insights for enterprises worldwide. Our tool provides a thorough nature assessment, ensuring businesses navigate the intricate weave of global and EU regulatory compliance while embedding sustainability into their operational DNA.


Franziska Walde



Lukas Fischer



Markus Berger



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Why Now?

Putting Nature in the Heart of Business Decision-Making

Impact on Nature

Your business has a direct impact on the local environment. To gain valuable insights into nature-related issues, it is crucial to start with a location-based assessment. With our comprehensive global nature data platform, you can accurately map your operations and supply chain, revealing any potential environmental hotspots.

Regulatory Reporting

Companies will soon be obliged to provide information on the environmental factor biodiversity & ecosystems on the basis of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) and the EU Taxonomy. Adhering to frameworks and targets such as TNFD, SBTN, and PBAF. Compliance with these requirements ensures transparency and accountability in environmental reporting.

Escalating Nature Risks

As the climate crisis and biodiversity loss reach tipping points, the incidence of ecosystem service failures and physical risks is on the rise. Robust and comprehensive data is crucial for assessing these multifaceted threats, not only for risk mitigation but also to understand the potential financial impact on the business.

Growing Public Awareness

Increasing public awareness also requires companies to step up their efforts to minimise their impact on biodiversity & ecosystems, making them transition to a nature-positive approach.

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